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Disruptive Lounge # 6 >> Advanced robotics


squirrel is co-hosting Disruptive Lounge # 6 on January 25, 2018, 5pm at NORTEC 2018, Messehallen Hamburg.

Pitches, exhibition prototypes, and talks cover the topic “Advanced Robotics”.

Start ups, innovation and digital marketing fellas are invited to chat with the hosts consisting of Innovationskontakstelle (IKS Hamburg), grenius Rechtsanwälte, and squirrel’s creative directors.

As with every Disruptive Lounge we hosted in the past, drinks will be fine and personal contacts valuable.

With this code you can secure a free day ticket for the NORTEC 2018: NT18081

To redeem the voucher, please follow the instructions on the homepage of the fair:



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