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„There is no question that the product is perfect. In addition, behind the product there is a super nice team that is open-minded.“

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squirrel consults design executives of Airbus in designing new services, products and in improving user experiences through design. Photo by Björn Jeske showing Jochen Werner, Head of Industrial Design


Digital Collab Design

squirrel agency consulted, designed and directed digitalisation of Deutsche Bank and DWS from 2011 - 2019. From inventing digital magazines, digital strategy consulting to designing chatbots, Björn Jeske and Florian Voigt consulted and directed more than 50 projects on Deutsche Bank management level.


Digital Transformation

Rckz is a product design venture by squirrel agency. Designed and directed by Björn Jeske and Florian Voigt. With Rckz we created a unique sneakerbox design to display and store sneakers in a creative and appealing way.— Björn Jeske, cofounder, designer.

We design and direct innovation — from ideation to instagram.

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BMW vs. Uberboeing is a digital storytelling to market a BMW Innovation programme and to push innovation at BMW in-house. Uberboeing is a fictive villain who aims to steal BMW the show. — Björn Jeske, Concept Creative and Creative Director.


Storytelling for Innovation

squirrel designed and directed software engineering of social platform fyutr to create bucketlists. The platform was honored in 2012 Lovie Awards for Best Websites Social & Community. — Björn Jeske and Florian Voigt, Digital Creative Directors and startup entrepreneurs.


Tech Venture

squirrel consulted a quadcopter startup in executing a brand, a visual product design and a kickstarter. Florian Voigt and Björn Jeske Art Directed and lead Public Relations, the Kickstarter campaign made it to No.1 campaign in July 2015 and successfully closed with 180% funding goal.


Startup Consulting

Our brand design and Web for squirrel agency was nominated for the German Brand Award 2017. Art Director Björn Jeske and Dave Tiedemann, Creative Director and Writer Björn Jeske.



IFAW Amazing Jumbo Landing written by Björn Jeske in 2008.




“We love to develop powerful ideas. That’s why we’ve made it our profession and way of life.”

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Florian Voigt about deconstruction as a design concept, taking the NIKE+Off-White Collaboration as an example.


‘How we sold Rckz in 10 countries and what we’ve learned so far’, by Björn Jeske.